PUBG Season 14 is Live Now!

Players Unknown Battle Ground or PUBG Battle Royale is one of the most played Video Game as of year 2020 and by the looks of it, it isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon. It has been awarded with many titles over the years and it is also one of the top grossing games in the world, as of may 2020 PUBG made an outstanding Revenue of around 226 Million USD and one of the highest earning game from in-game mini-transactions every month.

And now with end of 13th season on 12 July. PUBG introduced some Great new Rewards, spectacular skins and a brand new theme “Spark the flame”, with roaring dragon set which was first introduced in the 5th season of PUBG featuring the dragon-hunter themed rewards.

Season 14 started from 14th July and currently live to get started with. And with new season comes great new opportunities, cool skins and cosmetic, Deadly weapons, interesting and fun emotes, voice packs and much more. Not to mention a brand new Royale Pass that’s definitely worth having in order to unlock fun stuff.

– Brand New Map

PUBG season 14 has introduced a brand new Nordic-theme island called “Livik” which is considerabely smaller in size, perfect for rushers.

And just like most of the new maps in PUBG Liviik already comes with special weapons and vehicle exclusive to the map. A Marksmen rifle Mk12, P90 Sub-Machine Gun, a brand new Monster truck (Which everyone’s been waiting for) and many more map-exclusive battle gears expected to come with its up-coming updates. So Stay Tuned for some crazy action to come.

– All New Season 14 Royale Pass

PUBG players are already subscribing to the new Royale Pass prime and prime-plus subscription to enjoy the prime gaming experience and benefits.

The price for the new Battle Royale pass is expected to be around 600UC, which is definitey worth buying as it helps you unlock premium items and complete elite missions to rank up faster than others.

– When Does PUBG Season 14 end?

Season 14, just like any other season is probably going to last for about 2 months or 8 weeks in total, meaning its probably going to end in the second week of October. But till then, there’s alot of time to cash-in the great rewards in this season’s RP. So don’t waste anymore time and get to it with guns blazing.

However, we have seen some ups and downs in PUBG recently that might affect the season’s ending date.

We can easily say that, for many years to come PUBG is likely to maintain its top position because of its continuous updates, awesome battle grounds and new features that it brings to its players to keep them engaged at all time.

– M.A.G. Rating

Graphics : 4.3

GamePlay : 4.5

Social Engagement : 4.9

Excitement : 4.6

Controls : 4.5

Audience Rating : 4.0