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Mobile App Gaming is an independent publishing company that develops video games on the Android and IOS platforms. We have a small passionate team working remote mostly around the world due to Covid. If you ever have comments about any of our projects, hit us up @Mobileappgaming!

Founded in Orlando, FL in 2015. Mobile App Gaming has offices in Orlando, FL and Boston, MA. This city is a great place to live, has long history of technical innovations, and great talent. Much like Orlando, Boston is an international hub, but is also one of America’s most cultured cities.

At MAG. We enjoy collaborations, feedback, and play-testing in the entertainment space. Player satisfaction is our #1 goal, and although we can’t please all of our players, we go the extra mile to make sure each and every one of our gamers has a memorable experience. Subscribe to our newsletter below & check out our Discord and find out what makes us so special.

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